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This area is exclusively for the use of current homeowners at Pelican Beach Resort. Here you will find information and various resources regarding the Pelican Beach Resort Owners’ Association. 

This web site is designed as a communication vehicle for our owners. Virtually every aspect of our association is on-line, including our board of director meeting minutes, finances, annual budget, condo docs, and much more.

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To register for access to the site, please visit and click on the "Login" link on the right if viewing via desktop or via the "Sign In" link in the navigation menu on a mobile device. 

To register, you must have an authorization code which has been included in owner emails. If you cannot locate the code,  please email your name and unit number and we will reply with the current code. 


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If you have have forgotten your password, please email your name and unit number and we will reply with information to reset your current password. 


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Pelican Beach Resort Owners’ Association, Inc., has made reasonable efforts to display the most accurate information available. However, the Pelican Beach Resort Owners’ Association, Inc. is not an abstract, appraiser and/or architectural company/organization which engages in or has the purpose, knowledge or intent to display any information to be relied upon in any manner by any business, person or organization.

Any information listed on this website is of a general nature with a limited purpose and scope of merely convenience and is being furnished without any express or implied claims, promises or warranties, of merchantability, fitness, fitness for any particular purpose, or accuracy. 


Visit the Documents page for the latest Association information!

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